About WYEA President

John Nze-Bertram, right, with his Excellency Mike Rann, Former Premier of South Australia

John Nze-Bertram, President of the World Youth Empowerment Foundation (International) and the World Youth Empowerment Association Inc. WYEA (Australia) is a dedicated and versatile administrator, with several years of experience among international not-for-profit organizations and private enterprises. He possess extensive skills, knowledge and experience in strategic project management - planning, networking, analyzing, implementing, integrating, monitoring and reviewing. Strong blend of managerial, professional and interpersonal skills. Proven success working under pressure within stringent time frames and meeting demanding targets. Capacity to make difficult decisions and achieve results. Ability to achieve goals with limited resources and to facilitate and optimize difficult and complex negotiation situations with across linguistically and culturally diverse groups.

•High level computer literacy in Microsoft Words, Excel, Corel Draw and other management software packages.

•International Trade and Relations (e-Networking, e-Commerce and e-Management)
•Internet and Website designs

•Public speaking

•Event and Budget Planning

•Marketing and Fundraising

* Laws


•Ability to work independently, as a team or unsupervised environment

•Highly developed interpersonal, written and communication skills

•Ability to perform complex routine tasks

•Good planning and practical approach to problem solving skills

•Accurate forecasting, and targets achievement



As the President of the World Youth Empowerment Foundation (International), a charity and not-for-profit organization helping underprivileged communities in Africa and other continents, he successfully revitalized the organization through his highly developed interpersonal, conceptual and technical skills. Examples of projects/programs accomplished includes:

a.IT – Computer Literacy Project:
He introduced a computer literacy project in rural communities through which several young people acquired various computer and information technology skills. This project assisted local people to gain meaningful employment in the cities and consequently, lead to increased productivity and self esteem.

b. Agriculture and Food Production.
He initiated a project tagged “The Green Movement” which is to encourage the youth to get involved in agriculture and food production. As a result food supply increased within the benefiting communities.

c. HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign:
He designed a project to educate, inform and equip the youth with integrity and leadership skill in view to combating the spread of the HIV/AIDS Virus. During the project implementation stages, several young people were trained who then trained others. This resulted to an increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the WYEF "Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign"  in rural communities. In addition, the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus was reduced by 2%; voluntary clinical testing and counseling increased by 5%; use of contraceptives increased by 10%; community health and well-being increased by 3%; and stigmatization of those living with the HIV/AIDS virus reduced by 70% within the local communities.

d. Health Equipment Development:
He coordinated an engineering team that utilized local materials to produce various medical machines including surgical and pediatric equipments. These medical equipments supplied to local hospitals include: operating tables, angle poise lamps used for various surgical purposes; phototherapy and suction machines used for Pediatrics surgery. As a result , by improving the capacities of  local hospitals  , health care improved and hospital savings increased through reduced expenditure on imported medical equipments.

Educational and Community Activities

John Nze-Bertram is an alumni of South Australian Government Vocational Education and Training (TAFESA) - Interlink Program; School of International Studies University of South Australia; Commercial Law University of South Australia; Bachelor of Laws University of South Australia; Post Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice Australian National University; Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice Australian National University; Admitted to the Roll of Lawyers Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory; Master in Business Business Administration, University of New England; and so on.

He is a member of the Law Society of South Australia; Member of the United Nations Society University of South Australia ; Ex-President of the African Chamber of Commerce South Australia Incorporated ; Australian National Coordinator of “Club OHADA” - Organization for the Harmonization of Business Laws in Africa; International Team Leader of the " South Australian Trade and Tourism Project” -- coordinating and networking with over 600 organizations worldwide; President African Traditional Wrestling and Sports Federation of Australia, President of Celebration of African Australians Inc; President of Sweet Mother International Inc; ex-Vice President of the Igbo Community of South Australia and so on.

He is  also the Managing Director of Strategic Trades Services- Import & Export Network -- an import and export brokerage company based in South Australia; and Chief Executive of Australian Global Migration and Settlement Services.

He has pioneered the establishment of several organizations - political, religious and civil organizations. He is a humble person with lots of passion to serve humanity with deep interest in making friends,  serving people by helping them overcome challenging problems and realizing their goals. 

In South Australia, John Nze-Bertram  served as a volunteer for a local council where he assisted people living with disability to acquire technical and social skills, and to integrate into the community. In addition, he has participated actively in advancing the  African community development initiatives in South Australia.

For example: supporting the government's  social integration program that aims to promote multiculturalism and inclusiveness, John Nze-Bertram participated actively in mobilizing the African community leaders to the South Australian Parliament House on an invitation by the Honourable Speaker; followed by his nomination as a special guest among Nigerian community leaders  to a luncheon, at the Parliament House, with the Attorney General of South Australia and Nigerian High Commissioner;

Also recently, among other African community members in South Australia, John Nze-Bertram was specially invited by His Excellency, Mike Rann, the then Premier of South Australia, to an occasion honouring the contribution of Africans to the development of the State -( Pictures above); On other occasions, he  has met, greeted with a hand shake and discussed with several prominent Australians including his Excellency, John Howard, the former Prime Minister of Australia, and his Excellency, Mr Hieu Van Le, the Chairman of the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission (SAMEAC) and the Lieutenant Governor of South Australia


As hobbies, John Nze-Bertram likes to play soccer, listen to music, and network via virtual communities platforms. He also likes to travel and experience new cultures.


Through  WYEF-WYEA programs, John Nze-Bertram wishes to establish  effective networking and exchange partnership  with like minded leaders of community organizations --with a view to accomplishing each organization's strategic  goals and objectives.

You can contact John Nze-Bertram by email at wyea@wyea.org or call: +61449061457