Conference Registration Process

Step-by-step guide to attending the 2011 WYEF-WYEA International Leadership Training (WWILT) Conference

1. Prospective Attendee completes the expression of interest form

2. WYEA Secretariat issues an Invoice

3. Prospective Attendee pays conference fee

4. WYEA Secretariat issues an Invitation Letter

5. WYEA Secretariat sends Prospective Attendee’s name, passport information and contact details to the Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

6. Prospective  Attendee completes visa  application form and submits form to DIAC office within his/her region

7. DIAC issues visa or informs prospective attendee of visa application outcome

8. Attendee makes travel arrangements – including  booking for return flight

9. WYEA Secretariat prepares to welcome Attendee

10. Attendee arrives Adelaide

Congratulations –Enjoy your visit and have a pleasant and rewarding time at the event!