Training is delivered by experienced, engaging community sector practitioners, and has been road-tested to guarantee its relevance and applicability.  

Day 1:

Welcome - Mix and Mingle

Day 2-5 :


  • Session One: Governing

    • What is governance in a community context?

    • Why is governance important?

    • Meeting the roles and responsibilities of a board member

    • Using the constitution

    • Managing a board meeting

  • Session Two: Planning

    • Preparing & overseeing the organization's annual budget

    • Monitoring financial management and budgets

    • Planning for organizational needs

    • Overseeing business planning

    • Developing an annual fundraising plan

    • Project management/sharing the workload

  • Session Three: Communicating

    • Maintaining and protecting community culture

    • Contributing to a positive and culturally appropriate community

    • Communicating with the community

    • Skills for effective communication

    • Writing successful funding submissions

    • Dealing with conflict

  • Session Four: Sustaining

    • Reviewing the business plan

    • Avoiding burnout

    • Managing assets

    • Developing and implementing organizational policies

    • Reporting and evaluating

The Business (Governance) training provides a widely respected, nationally recognized governance qualification for those working on or with the governing structures of Australian community organizations. However, the knowledge gained from this training program by you as an overseas based community leader, board member or a member of an organization would greatly enhance your ability to successfully implement your organization's projects more efficiently and effectively. Consequently, increasing your ability to attract funding from local and international donors.


Day 6:

Grand Barossa with Hahndorf Tour and Sightseeing    

This session includes a fascinating tour and sightseeing experience in Adelaide, South Australia. You will enjoy a scenic tour of Barossa, a world leading food and wine destination. Get fascinated by Barossa Valley's attractive villages, wonderful Italienate Chateaux and classic vineyard scenery. Take the opportunity to taste Australian wines at Kaesler Winery, a noted Barossa Valley wine produce and enjoy a sumptuous lunch at Kaesler Winery Restaurant.

Click here to read more about the tour highlights.


This is an open-entry course/conference. There are no educational requirements you need to fulfill to gain entry.



The program is assessed against 13 component modules, based on participation in the intensive group workshop days and successful completion of follow-up tasks including written assessments comprising 43 questions and four review projects.

To successfully complete the course and be awarded the Business (Governance) qualification, delegates must demonstrate competency against all 13 modules. The course schedule, follow-up assessments and project work are carefully designed to enable you to do so, and - importantly - to enable you also to apply your learning.  


Core units:

BSBATSIL401A   Meet the roles and responsibilities of a board member (1)

BSBATSIL402A   Use the constitution

BSBATSIC403A   Maintain and protect culture

BSBATSIM404A Use the business plan

BSBATSIM405A Monitor financial management and budgets

BSBATSIM406A Manage assets

BSBATSIM407A Plan for organizational needs

BSBATSIM504A Develop and implement organizational policies


Elective units:

BSBATSIL408A   Manage a board meeting

BSBATSIC411A   Communicate with the community

BSBATSIM413A Oversee business planning

BSBATSIM414A Prepare the organization annual budget

BSBATSIM415A Contribute to a positive and culturally appropriate workplace