Questions and Answers


Why do I have to make early payment?

The reason for early payment is the duration of time it takes for visa to be granted. Early payment gives you the confidence that your visa will be granted before the conference date or it can also provide you the opportunity to reapply for a visa if in the first instance it was unsuccessful.


Why do I have to pay conference fees before receiving an “Invitation Letter”?

The reason is because the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) advised our
organization to ensure that prospective Attendees pay their conference fees before we issue them an invitation letter. This is to avoid DIAC issuing visas to individuals that may not attend the conference.


I cannot make payments through bank transfer due to my country’s policy, what do I do?

Although, WYEA policy of receiving payment is by bank transfer that guarantees you absolute security over your money, however, we will advise you to consult your bank or other financial experts on the alternative method of paying your conference fees into the WYEA account information on the issued invoice.

Does the conference fee include travel cost, accommodation and food?

The conference fee only covers: conference materials, workshop/seminar - business (governance) training, tour, sightseeing, and refreshments during tour and conference sessions. Delegates will be required to organize their own accommodation, food and travel needs.



Will I get a refund of conference fee paid if visa is not granted?

Yes, you will get a refund. However, we strongly advice that you read the refund policy on the conference website. Click here for refund policy information.




Do you offer scholarship or sponsorship?

Yes, the module for the scholarship or sponsorship is in form of discount. For example, the WWILT conference is valued at $7500 per Attendee; however, it has been heavily discounted to AUD $2750 to enhance affordability. Also,  if you are unable to pay the conference fee for the WWILT Conference, you may consider booking into the Business and Resources Development Conference scheduled for July 2011 – this is a cheaper but equally effective conference – cost is only AUD $1500 for an individual and AUD $1300 for group.




Do I get paid for promoting the conference?

Yes, you can get paid for promoting the conference.

All you need do is to refer your friends to our website. Advise your invites to include your name as reference when completing the registration form. By doing this, we will offer you a 10% commission of  the conference fee paid by those you introduced.  By accumulating the commission, you can significantly increase your income.




Do you arrange for pickup at Airport?

Yes, WYEA Secretariat will arrange for pickup at the Airport for a group of five Attendees or more. However, an individual Attendee can book a Taxi from the Airport to his or her accommodation in Adelaide and to the conference venue.


What is the step-by-step guide to attending the 2010 WWILT CONFERENCE?

  1. Prospective Attendee completes the Expression of Interest Form
  2. WYEA Secretariat issues an Invoice
  3. Prospective Attendee pays conference fee
  4. WYEA Secretariat issues an Invitation Letter
  5. WYEA Secretariat sends prospective Attendee’s name, passport information and contact details to the Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).
  6. Prospective  Attendee completes visa  application form and submits form to DIAC office within his/her region
  7. DIAC issues visa or informs prospective attendee of visa application outcome
  8. Attendee makes travel arrangements – including  booking for return flight
  9. WYEA Secretariat prepares to welcome Attendee
  10. Attendee arrives Adelaide
  11. Congratulations –Enjoy your visit and have a pleasant and rewarding time at the event!